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How It Works

The basic function of the VIRTUOSO is to measure time differences of the respective cellular signals sent from the body and to conduct a statistical evaluation based on an established mathematical algorithm. The results obtained are compared with data which is archived in a database. The software measures the biochemistry through the present cellular activity by sending scalar frequencies to the body and receiving resonant frequencies back. The software then evaluates the information based on the changes made to these signals as they pass through the body.

Oscillation-throughs within the atoms of molecules and cells, displace matter which then concentrates in the oscillation nodes

Oscillation-throughs within the atoms of molecules and cells, displace matter which then concentrates in the oscillation nodes. In this way, a logarithmic, fractal distribution of matter density arises in the natural-oscillating medium.

imaet VIRTUOSO sends the body's biofield information through quantum waves

The VIRTUOSO uses quantum wave resonance as its mode of communication with the body.  Quantum wave resonance is a mechanism of extremely rapid information processing in the body.  We've heard of signals being sent between neurons in the brain creating brain waves. Cellular communications encompasses all neurons, including the mental field. Quantum wave resonance transmits this information, at the moment of a scan and feedback,  instantaneously.

Imagine a vibration wave going up and down in a consistent pattern and running all throughout and around your body. That pattern communicates information that can be understood by vibratory receptors in your body. All of this is happening in a dimension and at a microscopic level not directly perceivable through conventional scientific instrumentation at our disposal today.  However it can be inferred through physical and mathematical modeling.

This is done via the use of a computer and the VIRTUOSO software. The VIRTUOSO software has 25 independent panels or programs, offering the most comprehensive quantum biofeedback if its kind. You can harmonize everything from basic brain wave balancing, acupuncture type application, lymph stimulation to inflammatory harmonization such as allergies. (watch the video "Navigating the imaet")


The Software

The imaet VIRTUOSO is an advanced, virtual software App. The software operates through scalar, digital frequencies in an effort to interface with the cellular communication system of the body. Many impressive responses by recipients of  VIRTUOSO bioenergetic feedbacks have been reported and observed. Please note:

No information should be construed as a medical claim or representation that this product is intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of disease or any other medical condition. The VIRTUOSO software is a relaxation and stress management tool that records subtle, "reactive,” informational signals provided by the client from the it's Biofield during the BioScan procedure. The computer evaluates such responses, and then challenges the individual's Biofield with that information by feeding it back to that person. This process assists the body’s own relaxation and stress management mechanisms by encouraging a sense of wellness, balance and harmony.

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