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The VIRTUOSO works within metaspace - a space transcending ordinary physical space, such as cyberspace.

Cells in the body communicate through vibrations, algorithms, and frequencies. The Virtuoso engages with these communications to receive signals from and send signals to the body - similar to texts and emails. The Virtuoso has two functions: 1) Measure and Scan (listening to the body) and 2) Support and Harmonize (resonating with the body on the cellular level).

All disease in the body is the result of accumulated, or chronic, stress. The VIRTUOSO identifies specific areas of stress in the body and initiates self-healing through frequencies. The VIRTUOSO can aid in the reduction of stress and promote general balance and wellness.




The VIRTUOSO has 25 independent programs including allergy elimination, emotional wellness, needleless acupuncture, brain support and more. The VIRTUOSO is provided on a Windows laptop or a Windows Surface Pro tablet with the software preinstalled (not Mac compatible). No internet connection needed.


The VIITRTUOSO records bioenergetic information provided by the body during the assessment procedure. The software evaluates the body's responses, and then provides the related energetic support through feedback. This process assists the body’s own powerful healing abilities and encourages wellness and balance.


The VIRTUOSO has two functions:

1) Measure and Scan (listening to the body) and 2) Support and Harmonize (resonating with the body on the cellular level). The software's unique algorithm allows it to communicate with the body's cellular network and determine and administer the specific bioenergetic support the body needs for optimal wellness and performance.  

How It Works

The VIRTUOSO operates in Metaspace, a space transcending ordinary physical space, such as cyberspace. The VIRTUOSO uses scalar energy, also known as Tesla waves, to initiate subtle healing in the body.  The scalar frequencies interface with the biofield, which is the energy field of the body. The biofield is intimately connected to information delivery to the cellular network.  

The VIRTUOSO analyzes the bioenergetic information from the body biofield by measuring the quantum waves emitted by the cells of the body. The software then transmits harmonizing frequencies back to the biofield to promote healing at the cellular level through improved epigenetic function.

VIRTUOSO utilizes the body's biofield
imaet VIRTUOSO works on a Windows laptop or tablet
imaet VIRTUOSO Brain panel

Quantum Biofeedback


 Quantum wave resonance is a mechanism of extremely rapid information processing in the body. Instead of signals being sent between neurons in the brain, a wave pattern that encompasses all neurons, as well as the mental field, transmits the information instantaneously.

About Us

Our Story

Led by the concept that functional frequencies can harmonize epigenetic expression

The mission of the imaet VIRTUOSO is to become the finest most comprehensive biofeedback device on the market and to make wellness more easily accessible and attainable. Every component of the Virtuoso has been compiled with the greatest degree of competency and integrity.   

Merging concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine, quantum physics and bioenergetics, the VIRTUOSO is a powerful wellness tool whose goal is to empower the individual to take control of their own health.

Dr Bernard Straile is the developer of the imaet VIRTUOSO


Dr. Straile



 "I LOVE MY imaet - OMG I Metaspace like crazy- people/ dogs/ cats- with great outcomes! I was very cautious at first.  I think being a medical intuitive has helped testing remotely. The imaet is like my right arm!" 

Deedra, CA

“So glad I have the imaet System! The imaet [treatments] have really helped me survive the health challenges caused by a mold exposure."

Laura, MO

" I am using the heck out of the imaet.  Such a valuable tool.."

Kevyn, OK


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